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Coyote Sightings
Please be aware that we have had reports of coyotes encroaching further into the community, particularly near the retention pond next to the Golf Course Maintenance Yard between Bear Creek and Cherry Valley. There are reports of coyotes becoming more aggressive and residents are advised to be cautious and avoid walking dogs in that area and to make sure pets and animal food are not left outside at night. Our community is part of the broader wildlife habitat we live near, and it is always a good idea to be vigilant, but even more so now, given our current drought conditions. Encroachment by wildlife is not unexpected, and caution should be used. The Park Ranger for the City of Fairfield is aware of the sightings.
Fire Mitigation Efforts Underway
The Rancho Solano HOA Board of Directors has identified fire mitigation as priority for the foreseeable future.
In 2020, the Board undertook several measures to address fire-readiness, including:
  • Added a second annual round of defensible perimeter weed abatement in early Fall, in addition to the existing early summer abatement
  • Continued to review and approve renewal of the current cattle grazing program for weed abatement, including the maintenance of fire break paths in the open space hills
  • Cleared and maintained certain open space areas within Rancho Solano that were previously, but no longer, maintained by the City
In 2021, the Board:
  • Approved the formation of an Ad Hoc Fire Safety Committee
  • Identified as a safety priority the removal of dead, fallen limbs and the trimming of low-hanging limbs in the Rancho Solano Open Space
  • Identified “knolls” within the Open Space that may post the most pressing risk based on anticipated wind direction and amount of dead fallen wood, and further identified knolls surrounding Andalucia as a starting point
  • Reviewed bids from qualified, insured wood removal experts that are trained to work on dry hillsides to remove a first phase of dead wood and hired a contractor
  • Reviewed the cost and budgetary constraints for funding broad fire mitigation efforts and discussed the need to raise future funds earmarked toward fire mitigation
  • Identified the need to provide information to homeowners on measures they can take for fire preparedness
The Board will continue to keep the Homeowner's informed as the project progresses. 
2021 Food Drive Generosity Skyrockets!
The organizers of the Rancho Solano Annual Food Drive, along with the Board of Directors, would like to thank our Rancho Solano neighbors for a wonderfully successfully food drive.  The 21st Annual Food Drive resulted in more than 3,900 pounds of food collected, beating last year’s total by 1,000 pounds!
This is the most food collected ever, by far, and we are amazed by the community’s generosity. Those who donated became a partner in ending hunger. Thank you!
We’d like to give huge thanks to our volunteers who delivered donation bags to each home the Saturday prior to the drive:  John & Linda Anzalone,  Phyllis Borges,  Ann Cousineau,  Brad Flynn,  Jimmy & Jackson Geiskopf,  Gary Sigel,  Sossaman Family,  Mark & Jennie Valles,  Bob Waller.
And last, but far from least, many thanks to our leader, Dorothy Flynn, who works tirelessly on our food drive each year and is largely responsible for its success.          
You may still give a cash donation at: Food Bank Donation. For questions, please contact Dorothy Flynn at 925-250-0670.
Thank you to Vistara Neighbor
After a recent incident of vandalism to mailboxes in the Rancho Solano community of Vistara, an anonymous homeowner repaired the damage on his or her own without recognition, and we would like to thank and acknowledge the homeowner. Our community is special because of the many small and large everyday examples of neighbors helping neighbors, and we are grateful to this anonymous homeowner. 
Temporary Parking Policy Has Ended
The temporary parking policy that was enacted during the period of Covid-19 shelter-in-place was rescinded at the May, 2021 board meeting and normal parking procedures have been reinstated. Visit the kiosk to obtain parking permits or contact the Kelly Company for more information on the regular parking policy. 
Fire Prevention
The Fairfield Fire Department Prevention Bureau has issued the following information to inform residents about steps they can take to prevent fires, prepare for an evacuation, assemble an emergency "go-kit," and sign up for NIXLE. Fire Information
Notice About Park Facilities
There have been a number of incidents where park users are putting large trash items down the park Port-a-Potty, which is causing damage, and if we can not stop it, impacts our ability to contract with a vendor and offer restroom services. Please supervise children while at the park, and make sure the facilities are being used properly and not damaged. If residents notice potential vandalism happening at the park, please alert Security. Thank you. 
Reminder for Exterior Improvements of your home
Please remember that any home improvement planned on the exterior of your homes or yards (front, back or side) other than routine maintenance must be approved by the Landscape-Architectural Review Committee. Examples include, but are not limited to landscaping, painting, window replacement, sheds, fencing that does not meet guidelines, solar installations, etc. 
Please visit the members pages for CC&R Rules and Guidelines and the Application Form(s) that must be submitted. Work completed without approval is a violation of the HOA rules and guidelines and may result in a "Work Without Approval" letter and, possibly, a hearing before the Board, fines and/or a requirement that you correct the work at your expense. 
Update on Fire Efforts
The HOA Board of Directors has undertaken several measures over the past several months to address fire-readiness. Among those efforts are:
  • The HOA approved a new, second annual session of defensible perimeter weed abatement that adds to the early summer abatement, to include one in early Fall;
  • After reviewing bids and studying information on the benefits of livestock grazing and fire protection, approved a bid for renewal of the current cattle grazing program for weed abatement. Included in that arrangement is the maintenance of fire break paths in the open space hills;
  • Taken on clearing and maintenance of certain open space areas within Rancho Solano that were previously, but no longer, maintained by the City.
On the subject of fire readiness and the need to evacuate Rancho Solano in the event of an emergency, the City of Fairfield would like to confirm with residents that Rancho Solano must take no actions or establish any procedures that might interfere with the City’s jurisdiction to order and direct an orderly exit from the development. It is also recommended that residents strongly consider registering for Nixle for up-to-date information from the City of Fairfield Emergency Services regarding emergencies. 
Sign-Up for NIXLE Alerts
During our recent wildfires, and during any emergency, residents should use local authorities for the most up-to-date information. The following link contains an update from the morning of Wednesday, August 19, 2020 and contains a link to sign up for alerts through Fairfield's NIXLE alert system. NIXLE (PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a recent update, this update is for purposes of showing a recent example and providing the sign-up link.) 
Kelly Company Operations During Shelter-in-Place
To comply with the shelter-in-place mandate, the Kelly Company is closed to the public, but is available to residents via e-mail and by phone at 707-447-7797 during business hours.  

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Annual Ranch Solano Food Drive: June 21-22
Posted on Jun 10th, 2021
Mark your calendars for the annual Rancho Solano Food Drive on June 21-22, 2021.
2020 Annual Meeting Summary
Posted on Jan 13th, 2021

The Annual Meeting of the Rancho Solano Homeowners’ Association was held on October 15, 2020.
Maintenance of Bear Creek Retention Ponds
Posted on Oct 30th, 2020
Residents who live near the Bear Creek retention ponds may notice activity 
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
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The area is beautiful-the hills, the golf course, the wildlife. Neighbors are supportive of each other. Rancho Solano is a wonderful place to call home.

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