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Annual 5K Run and Walk: Sunday, October 2nd, 9am at Andalcuia Park
The annual Rancho Solano Neighborhood 5K Fun Run & Walk will be held on Sunday October 2, 2022 and is a great opportunity for the entire household to experience the beauty of Rancho Solano while getting some exercise.  Runners, walkers, baby strollers, kids in wagons, and dogs (must be on a leash) are all invited to participate. Sorry, no bikes, scooters, or skateboards. This free event is offered to all Rancho Solano residents and their guests. The well-marked course starts and finishes at the Park following the streets of the Andalucia neighborhood.
We are asking for non-perishable food items for donation to support the Food bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties.     
Registration opens at 8:00 am, with the race beginning at 9:00.  All participants, or one per family, must complete a waiver which will be provided at the registration table race morning. The 5K Fun Run & Walk is coordinated by the Rancho Solano Park Committee and sponsored by the Rancho Solano Master Homeowners Association. For further information contact Race Director, Shawn Hnatko, at 5kranchosolano@gmail.com  
Get outside, meet your neighbors, and create a stronger community! 
Work on Hillside
Beginning on September 19, and for approximately three weeks, there will be work taking place on the hillside behind Olympic. This is part of ongoing work done to address waterflow off the hill that may occur during rainy months. 
Reminder about Coyotes
As a reminder, our community is situated within open space that is home to wildlife. There have been numerous recent sightings of coyotes near the retention ponds on either side of Bear Creek. Please use caution when walking--particularly with dogs--and be mindful of not keeping pets or pet food out at night. 
There are four (4) Board seats up for election in 2022. The Annual Meeting and Election is scheduled to be held at the Clubhouse Solano located at 3250 Rancho Solano Parkway, Fairfield, CA 94534.as follows:
Annual Meeting                      Adjourned Annual Meeting
October 27, 2022                   November 3, 2022
7:00pm                                    5:00 pm
Quorum is not anticipated at the original meeting in October; therefore, due to the anticipated lack of quorum, an adjourned date is provided on this notice. The inspector of election will not be present at the original meeting.
The Board of Directors has contracted with an independent vendor, The Ballot Box, to serve as the Inspector of Election for the purpose of preparation, receipt, and tabulation of the ballots for this meeting. Each home is permitted one (1) ballot. Ballots will be mailed to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting and election date. Returned ballots must be received in the envelopes provided by the inspector by mail, certified delivery such as UPS or Fed-Ex, or by hand delivery to: The Ballot Box, 3315 E. Russell Rd., #A4-156, Las Vegas, NV 89120. The deadline for the receipt of mailed ballots is no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on November 1, 2022. Ballots will also be accepted at the adjourned meeting on November 3, 2022. If you would like a receipt for your returned ballot, you are encouraged to mail the ballot with tracking through the United States Post office, or other certified delivery service (UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, etc.). You may also request a confirmation of receipt of your ballot via email to info@ballotboxservices.com.
The list of all candidates’ names that will appear on the ballot is as follows:
David DiFusco
Jeanne Byrd
K. Martin Fleischer
Sandra J. Menichelli
Andrew San Juan
Candidate statements from the names listed above, will be included with the ballots.
Members who wish to verify the accuracy of their own information for voting purposes may contact the Community Association Manager to view their information within the Voter List. If you see any errors on either list, please report the same to the Community Association Manager, no later than September 16, 2022.
This notice is available to any member by individual notice upon request to the Community Association Manager:
Community Association Manager
Priscilla Marin
The Kelly Company
(707) 447-7797
REMINDER--Notice of Nominations for the 2022 Election of Directors--Deadline Approaching: Details: NOMINATION INFORMATION and DEADLINE INFO
Rancho Solano Neighbors Support the Food Bank
Despite the extreme heat, Rancho Solano’s 22nd Annual Food Drive was a great success! Thanks to all who participated with donations of food and online donations of funds.
The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano wants you to know that these donations make a big impact on alleviating hunger in our community. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We especially appreciate the volunteers who make it all possible:
Ann Cousineau
Verona Boucher  Bob Waller
The Sossaman Family
The Geiskopf Family
The Mahabir Family
John & Linda Anzalone
The Flynn Family  Jean Johnson
Special thanks to Priscilla Marin and the Security Kiosk Team.
Save the date for next year:  June 19-20, 2023.
Our Association’s 2022 annual election of Directors is scheduled to be held at 7pm on October 27, 2022, at The Clubhouse located at 3250 Rancho Solano Parkway, Fairfield, CA 94534.
The Association is governed by seven Directors who are homeowners that volunteer their time to sit on the Board for three-year terms. The terms of four Directors will expire this October. Therefore, the Association is seeking four candidates to fill the expiring terms. Although the Directors whose terms are expiring may want to continue serving on the Board, all qualified owners have the opportunity to be a candidate for election.
Members who are interested in running for the Board, shall complete a nomination application which can be found below, or may be requested from Management. Members who would like to run for the Board, should ensure that the form is submitted to the Association no later than 5:00p.m. on August 3, 2022. Members who are interested in running for the Board, must meet the required qualifications as stipulated in the Associations election rules, which may be reviewed here: https://jmp.sh/esmVdAQ. Should you prefer to request a copy of the Associations election rules, please be sure to contact the Community Association Manager. Candidate statements must be returned via mail to the address noted below or via email to the Community Association Manager, Priscilla Marin, at priscilla@thekellycompany.com. Candidates who submit Nomination applications late, will not be included in the ballot.
If at the close of nominations, there are the same number or fewer qualified candidates as there are Board positions to be filled, then the Board may, after voting to do so, seat the qualified candidates by acclamation without member balloting. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of positions to be filled, the Board will meet between August 8, 2022 – August 17, 2022, in order to select an Inspector of Elections, as due to changes in the law regarding Association Election Rules, The Kelly Company can no longer serve as the Inspector of Election in order to tabulate and certify the ballot counting.
Candidates who wish to verify the accuracy of their information, may contact the Community Association Manager to view the Candidate Registration List. Alternatively, members who wish to verify the accuracy of their own information for voting purposes may contact the Community Association Manager to view their information within the Voter List. Both lists will be available at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting. If you see any errors on either list, please report the same to the Community Association Manager, no later than September 16, 2022.
We hope you will consider getting involved in the Association by running for the Board. If you have any questions about becoming a candidate or about the election process, you can find more information in the Association’s Election Rules. Feel free to contact any of the current Board members or the Association’s Community Manager, Priscilla Marin at 707-447-7797, if you have any questions. 
Board of Directors
Rancho Solano Master Association
Fire Mitigation Summary (with summary letter PDF for insurance carriers)
Homeowners of Rancho Solano HOA: We’ve received several requests by various homeowners asking us to detail what fire mitigation efforts the HOA has undertaken on your behalf. We understand some insurance carriers have asked you this question in evaluation of the risks associated with the issuance or pricing of homeowner’s insurance. Here is the summary:  Fire Mitigation Efforts: Summary Letter
Visit our New Fire Safety Page
Visit our fire safety page to get updates on how we are working within our Rancho Solano HOA to be proactive with fire safety and mitigation. Get info on how to sign up for NIXLE alerts and tips on how to fire harden your own property, as well as ways to prepare in the event of an evacuation. 

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Cattle Gate Notice and V-Ditch Update
Posted on Feb 1st, 2022
Cattle Gates and V-Ditch Updates
Event at The Clubhouse at Rancho Solano
Posted on Feb 1st, 2022
The Clubhouse at Rancho Solano is hosting a free Valentine's Day social event featuring complimentary food, beverages and music.
New Date for Movie Night--Saturday, October 16th, 7:00pm at Park
Posted on Oct 10th, 2021
Our rescheduled movie night at the park is on Saturday, October 16th at 7:00 p..m.!
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
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The area is beautiful-the hills, the golf course, the wildlife. Neighbors are supportive of each other. Rancho Solano is a wonderful place to call home.

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