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Community Notice - Prop 218 Notice:
Rancho Solano’s common-area landscaping is maintained by the City of Fairfield, though their third-party contractor, Dominguez, with oversight by the City. This includes both landscaping along the Parkway and in certain areas inside the gates for each subdivision.  These services are paid from funds obtained from an assessment that appears on our property tax bills. [Smith Ranch Maintenance District #5.] The City has determined that the current assessment are inadequate to maintain services into the future. In order to raise sufficient funds via the Smith Ranch Maintenance District #5 assessment, the City is seeking a vote of the Rancho Solano’s homeowners to increase the assessment rate.  This is required under the California Constitution by “Proposition 218.”
Several months ago, all homeowners received a mailing from the City encouraging people to register on their web site “CivicMic” for updates on this issue. [see: https://www.civicmic.com/smith-ranch-llmd-no-5-news-by-topic/]
In February 2023 an email was sent to Rancho Solano homeowners with a draft Engineers Report and a map of Rancho Solano with a feature that allows you to find your address and the amounts of the proposed new assessment for your address. See below for how to register with Civic Mic. 
Invitation to a ‘Town Hall Meeting’
In order to discuss this important issue the Rancho Solano HOA would like all homeowners to attend a “Town Hall Meeting” on March 1, 2023 at 7:30 pm at the Clubhouse to learn about the implications of a Prop 218 vote, which will affect our community as early as July 1st, 2023. Voting is expected to occur in April 2023. The City of Fairfield and their consultants will be in attendance and will present the details of how this vote will affect maintenance of our community performed by the City, as well as the associated costs.  The meeting will have an interactive format where Homeowners will be able to ask questions and present feedback. 
What is Prop 218?
Proposition 218 is a constitutional amendment adopted in 1996 that provides a process for taxing districts and provides for stakeholders to vote on tax increases. 
A “yes” vote will authorize the City of Fairfield to increase the total budget for landscaping services as well as create a new LLMD (Lighting, Landscape and Maintenance District) which will replace our current LLMD known as Smith Ranch Maintenance District #5.  This newly created district will change the way the total cost for landscaping services is allocated to each Homeowner.  The new property assessment amounts will be based on location in the community, lot size and size of each residence instead of assessing the same rate for each home. Additional properties in the area will also be charged an assessment, whereas in the past only the 1,200 homes in Rancho Solano were assessed.
What Types of Services Will Be Performed by the City of Fairfield?
This will depend on the community’s response. The City of Fairfield is currently asking us for our input to determine what levels of services are desired in order to finalize their property tax assessments. Unfortunately, tax assessment revenues have not kept pace with the cost of maintaining the landscaping of Rancho Solano. Expenditures required to maintain our properties at their current level are greater.  For example, contracts have gone up, coupled with inflation, and the aging of our community which requires replacement of aging or dying plants and trees.
Will Any Services Be Cut?
The City of Fairfield LLMD No. 2023-5 (Rancho Solano) Engineers Report indicates that the City will no longer be responsible for maintaining street lights on the streets behind entrance gates to all of the subdivisions.  The City estimates the annual cost to maintain these lights is approximately $50,000 per year.  Removing the maintenance responsibility from LLMD #5 will shift the cost of maintenance from our assessment funds directly to the Rancho Solano HOA which would necessitate an increase in quarterly HOA fees.  
Does Each Homeowner Have an Equal Vote?
No, Prop 218 is drafted to allow “weighted” voting based on “proportional financial obligation”.  Therefore, homeowners with larger lots and houses will have a proportionally greater vote.
What Happens If the Vote Falls to Pass?
If the vote doesn’t pass, our current LLMD and assessment rates will remain in force.  However, given the current underfunding situation, the City of Fairfield will need to reduce services to match income streams with expenditures.  This will result in less landscaping services being provided and therefore, most likely result in lowered property values and a less desirable location to reside. Other districts have run out of funds and saw a reduction in services at the beginning of the year.  They are now also going through a Prop 218 process.
For more background information and ongoing updates, please sign up for https://www.civicmic.com/smith-ranch-llmd-no-5-news-by-topic/
Please join us at the Rancho Solano Clubhouse on March 1st at 7:30 p.m. in order to learn valuable information to help you determine your position on this most important vote!
Rancho Solano Board of Directors 
Christmas Tree Recycling Pickup:
Boy Scout Pack 8853 will be doing their annual Christmas Tree Recycling Pick Up on December 31 or January 7. Please see flyer for details.
2022 Board of Directors Election Results:
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the following members were appointed to 3-year terms to serve on the Board of Directors, effectively immediately:
Jeanne Byrd, David DiFusco, Martin Fleischer, and Sandra Menichelli. Despite our best efforts to achieve a quorum of votes [400] the Board had to fill the vacant Board seats via appointment. Congratulations to our new Board Members.
The Board of Directors would also like to express its sincerest gratitude to those Board members whose terms ended last night. Each played a very important role in the governance of our lovely Rancho Solano Master Homeowners Association. Thank you, Joy Baltaxe, Jakub Pietrowski, and Candice Sullivan, for your generous time, ideas, and energy in what can, at times, be a very demanding and challenging, but also rewarding task of serving on the Board of Directors. Thank you and Best Wishes.
Board of Directors
Rancho Solano Master Association
Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair Needed:
Our Rancho Solano Neighborhood Watch Committee is looking for new Members and a New Chair to help move our work forward to help keep Rancho Solano a crime free community. The committee typically meet 6-8 times per year, primarily to make arrangements for our annual BBQ in the Park on National Night Out. We are also a resource for any Rancho Solano Member who would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Program on their block. The Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair reports to the HOA Board and the Committee receives our annual budget based on approval by the HOA Board. Below is a brief description of our work copied from the HOA website.
Neighborhood Watch: The Neighborhood Watch Committee meets at the call of the Chair.  The Committee is committed to working in partnership with residents and the Fairfield Police Department to reduce crime in our community.  It promotes and supports Neighborhood Watch Groups, and coordinates the annual National Night Out at the Park event, and other informational meetings.  Current Members: Henry Ingle, Roger Brummer, Nadia Dumas & Ryan Restua.
We welcome questions from any member who is interested in learning more and/or joining our Committee. Please contact Nadia Dumas @ 707-631-0571 for more information.
Happy Holidays,
Your Rancho Solano Neighborhood Watch Committee
IMPORTANT NOTICE about Coyotes and Feeding Feral and/or Wild Animals
Our community is situated within open space that is home to wildlife and it's important that residents be aware of coyotes in the neighborhood and use caution, particularly with small pets. Additionally, it is VERY IMPORTANT not to feed feral and/or wild animals. Doing so can create a dangerous situation for residents and their pets. Please respect the wildlife and your neighbors and do not leave pet food outside!
Fire Mitigation Summary (with summary letter PDF for insurance carriers)
Homeowners of Rancho Solano HOA: We’ve received several requests by various homeowners asking us to detail what fire mitigation efforts the HOA has undertaken on your behalf. We understand some insurance carriers have asked you this question in evaluation of the risks associated with the issuance or pricing of homeowner’s insurance. Here is the summary:  Fire Mitigation Efforts: Summary Letter
Visit our New Fire Safety Page
Visit our fire safety page to get updates on how we are working within our Rancho Solano HOA to be proactive with fire safety and mitigation. Get info on how to sign up for NIXLE alerts and tips on how to fire harden your own property, as well as ways to prepare in the event of an evacuation. 

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Annual Meeting Thursday, October 27, 2022
Posted on Oct 24th, 2022
The Rancho Solano HOA Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
2022 Food Drive
Posted on Oct 1st, 2022
Despite the extreme heat, Rancho Solano’s 22nd Annual Food Drive was a great success!
Annual 5K Run and Walk: Sunday, October 2nd, 9am at Andalcuia Park
Posted on Oct 1st, 2022
The annual Rancho Solano Neighborhood 5K Fun Run & Walk will be held on Sunday October 2, 2022
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
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The area is beautiful-the hills, the golf course, the wildlife. Neighbors are supportive of each other. Rancho Solano is a wonderful place to call home.

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