Painting and Landscaping

For many residents, their first experience working with the HOA comes when repainting a home or updating landscaping. Changing a home’s look with new paint and updating landscaping are exciting parts of home ownership. As an HOA, we try to make the process easy and straightforward for homeowners, while at the same time balancing the community wide need for consistency and quality standards that help the community maintain its value. Below are resources to get started. If you need help along the way, please feel free to call The Kelly Company, and they will walk you through the approval process.
Home Painting
Homeowners are encouraged to repaint the exterior of their houses periodically. A good guideline to follow, as general rule of thumb, you can expect a professionally done paint job to last approximately 7-10 years on stucco and 3-7 years on wood. If your home is unsheltered by trees and/or has a southern exposure it will fade more quickly due to the higher amount of UV sunlight.
All paint colors must be selected from the pre-approved paint palette except for custom homes. Only custom homes are permitted to paint their home the same color. 
To get started:
  1. Read the Exterior Home Paint Guidelines;
  2. Select paint colors from the appropriate paint palette based on the decade when your house was built, which includes two decades giving a Homeowner 20 schemes from which to select;
  3. Complete the Application for Re-Painting Existing Homes //Application for Re-Painting Homes (Andalucia ONLY). Paint approval can be granted directly from The Kelly Company when Paint Guidelines are strictly followed. 
Listed below are links to the resources for repainting homes.
Updating a home’s landscaping has become even more popular as homeowners attempt to design yards to enhance their property. No matter what your goals, when changing a landscape, it’s important to:
  1. Review the “Landscape Standards and Other Architectural Guidelines
  2. Complete the Application for Landscape Review
  3. Complete the Attachment to Landscape Review.
Applications are reviewed by the Landscape-Architectural Review. The LS-ARC meets on the first Thursday of each month. Applications must be submitted to The Kelly Company no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered unless the application is due to an emergency (example: broken garage door).
Listed below are links to information and documents related to landscaping, fencing and turf.
Property Maintenance
Landscape Applications are not required for tree or shrub pruning or removal, weeding, planting annual-seasonal plants (annual plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed or bloom and need to replanted each year), or “refreshing” mulch. An application is required for tree, shrub, and plant replacement if planting something different from what is removed.  If considering a new landscape design-footprint and new plantings (that are not annuals) an application is required