Fire Safety Tips

Some tips to keep your home wildfire safe:
  • Start by keeping your roof and gutters are clear of flammable vegetation like leaves and pine needles
  • Remove dry grasses, and dead or dying vegetation from around your home and wood fences
  • Keep desired vegetation pruned and well-irrigated
  • Clear flammable materials from your deck and below, including wood storage, brooms and easily ignitable patio furniture
  • Enclose and seal the area under your deck and stairs from wind-driven embers with 1/8”wire mesh
  • Move the woodpile and plastic garbage cans well away from the house
  • Install fine wire mesh screen over roof, eave and foundation vents
  • Inspect chimney and install a spark-arresting mesh screen
  • Relocate propane tanks and other flammable materials to 30 feet or more from the house
  • Retrofit windows, doors, siding and decking with fire-resistant products, as time and budget allow
  • A replacement double pane, metal – not vinyl – window can make the difference between survival and loss.