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Fall Message from the Board President & Vice President
Posted on Nov 9th, 2018

We'd like to take a moment to thank all of our homeowners who diligently work hard to uphold and maintain the Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions, commonly known as the CC&R's, that we as homeowners agreed to in the purchase of our homes in Rancho Solano. We have one thing in common in that we have all chosen to make Rancho Solano our homes and live in this beautiful community! One unique and enduring feature to our community is the age, size and variety of homes that are found in Rancho Solano. But what comes with living in our lovely community is the responsibility to each other to perform ongoing landscape and maintenance needs.

We'd like to remind homeowners that part of the Boards’ responsibilities is seeing that landscape and home maintenance are maintained and to that end, we turn to The Kelly Company as our “eyes” to enforce the CC&R's. The Board relies exclusively on The Kelly Company for this task. This has been the ongoing procedure for many years.

It comes to the Board’s attention, from time to time, that some homeowners feel that enforcement can at times can be too “strict” or worse—that the Board directs The Kelly Company to focus it’s attention on certain homeowners. As to the former, The Kelly Company does its best to find CC&R violations in protection of us all. They are following the dictates of the CC&Rs. As to the latter, the Board does not direct our agents to focus on any particular house, street or neighborhood for new CC&R violations. We don’t do that. We also live in this wonderful neighborhood, and we too have received maintenance notices on our own homes! And also keep in mind that on occasion, alleged CC&R violations stem from neighbor complaints.

Should you receive a letter from The Kelly Company pointing out issues with the maintenance of your home, please don’t take offense or feel singled out. Many of us receive these from time to time. The key is to contact our agents when you do receive such a “TLC” notice and ask questions. What did you see that was a problem? What do you recommend that we do to correct the issue? By doing this you avoid any confusion over the issue and often, a simple repair or correction can remedy the issue.

Don’t have a copy of the CC&R's around for easy reference? You can always go to the Rancho Solano website at to review the CC&R's or call the Kelly Co. to discuss them in detail. Should you ever feel an alleged violation is incorrect or something you cannot immediately correct, please come to a Board meeting and let us know. We are all in this together and are working to keep Rancho Solano the beautiful community we have all chosen to call home.

Finally, we want to invite you all to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting which this year, will take place on October 25 at 7 pm at the Club House.

May the rest of the year bring you good health and pleasant times with friends and family!


Robert Schuster,

Board President  


Candice Sullivan, 

Vice President