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Update on Wild Pigs and the Park
Posted on Oct 19th, 2018

Efforts by the Board of Directors to curtail the damage being done to the park by the wild pigs have continued, and we can share progress on multiple fronts. We have bids from two fence providers who would install specialized panels to deter pig entry. We have tested some of the panels and are trying to ensure the fence chosen will be effective. The sprinkler schedule has been altered to impact water sources that may be attracting the pigs. The depredation permit also continues to be in place. The Parks Committee has been working with our landscape maintenance provider to explore remedies for fixing the grass. Lastly, we can report that this issue is not unique to our community. Surrounding communities have also suffered damage from pigs coming down from the hills, most likely to seek water. We also hope the situation further reverses when the rain begins.