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Security Alert for Rancho Solano
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2018

The Association Board is fully aware of the recent burglary incidents and has been working with the Fairfield Police and security staff to emphasize our concern for Rancho Solano’s security.  Considerable attention was given to this topic at both the January and February Association Board meetings; two Fairfield police officers attended the February meeting and spoke regarding the burglaries.   To date, the Fairfield Police have not been successful in solving these crimes.


All five of the burglary incidents occurred to homes where backyards face the golf course.  Backyard entry occurred from the golf course either through gates or over fences.  These homes were burglarized by breaking the backyard glass doors. 


In response, the Homeowners Association has increased the security provided by Safe Haven Security with additional patrols and immediately responding to homeowners who identify unfamiliar vehicles lingering or parked in the neighborhood.   As a reminder, the golf course is owned and operated by the City of Fairfield.  The Rancho Solano Homeowners Association has no jurisdiction, nor authority, to monitor and patrol the golf course.


Police officers reiterated several points that Rancho Solano homeowners should consider:


1) Invest in an alarm system.

2) If you have an alarm system, always use it and lock your doors when away.

3) Lock yard gates as well as the side door to your garage. 

4) Install motion-sensitive lights in your yard.  

5) Inform your neighbors when away for an extended period of time.

6) Be alert to activity on your street, especially your neighbors' homes.

7) Report any suspicious activity to the Police (707) 428-7373, with a follow-up call to Safe Haven Security (707) 425-4465.   

8) If you are the victim of a crime, call the Fairfield Police first.  Again, it is helpful to also contact Safe Haven Security and the homeowners association; but, always call the Fairfield Police first.  The guards at Safe Haven Security are not sworn police officers; they cannot make arrests nor investigate crimes.