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Cattle Gate Notice and V-Ditch Update
Posted on Feb 1st, 2022

Notice: Closing Cattle Gates
It is extremely important that residents who use the open space make sure that cattle gates are securely closed behind them each and every time. There have been numerous incidents of cattle coming out of the grazing area because the gate was not secured. This is dangerous for the livestock and can cause damage in the community, as well as impact ranching operations, which are important to our community for a number of reasons, including fire mitigation from grazing. Please be extremely careful to secure the gates if you access the open space. 
Important Message about V-Ditch Management
We have had numerous reports of residents dumping trash and yard clippings in the v-ditches in the open space behind homes. For those who aren't aware, the v-ditches are the cement "gutters" at the bottom of the hillsides, and they serve a critical role in drainage for erosion and landslide mitigation. If the refuse and yard waste dumping continues, the HOA will need to hire a third-party to remove trash at additional expense to homeowners, and homeowners found dumping trash will be subject to fines.