Park Committee   The Park Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8:00 pm, at the loft, InShape Sports Club.  Responsibilities include: directing overall Park maintenance and operations;  recommending changes/enhancements to the Park; coordinating community events at the Park. For a copy of the Homeowner Park Use Guidelines click here. Committee members:  Dennis Beardsley, Mark Bennett, Nicky Bhandaal, Dawn Carpenter, Sue Lucas, Jamie Mahabir, Rob Tavenier.
 Shawn Hnatko - Chair
Architectural Review and Landscape Committee  The ARC/Landscape Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Applications must be submitted to The Kelly Company no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.   The mission of the Committee is to implement the Rancho Solano Master Association Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions [CC&Rs] in order to maintain and enhance the integrity of the Rancho Solano Community.   The Committee will endeavor to ensure all building improvements, alterations and changes and landscape projects are compatible with the environment and Rancho Solano Design Guidelines.  Members: David Baker, Michelle Jordan Faucet, Pam Marrs,  Jackie Mulhern, Mary Reyff, Javier Saenz, Debi Shattell.
 Victoria Cook - Chair
Safety and Security Committee  The Safety and Security Committee meets monthly on the second Monday. The Committee responds to Board requests and to actual safety and security-related events within the community.  In addition, the Committee identifies potential safety issues and recommends measures to reduce the likelihood of hazards and accidents.  Members:  Roger Brummer, Ray Reyff, John Dussalt, and Henry Ingle.
 Larry Lehto - Chair
Website Committee   The Website Committee meets at the call of the Chair.  Members:  Randy Shoopman, Joy Baltaxe, and Candice Sullivan.
 [Vacant] - Chair
Landslide Trust     This group is responsible for all matters relating to ground movement/slides in Rancho Solano and administers the Landslide Remediation Fund; the group meets at the call of the Chair.  Trustees include: Dale Baumler and Ray Reyff.
Robert Schuster - Chair
Neighborhood Watch   The Neighborhood Watch Committee meets at the call of the Chair.  The Committee is committed to working in partnership with residents and the Fairfield Police Department to reduce crime in our community.  It promotes and supports Neighborhood Watch Groups, and coordinates the annual National Night Out at the Park event, and other informational meetings.  Members: Roger Brummer, Nadia Dumas, Cynthia Epperson, Ray Reyff, Gail Winzenried.
 Henry Ingle - Chair