Security at Rancho Solano
Rancho Solano employs a number of security measures to deter crime.   Most apparent are the iron gates to the various communities within Rancho Solano.  The gates are closed on a 24/7 basis.  Each resident may obtain gate access "clickers" (or cards) for their vehicles from The Kelly Company.  Gate entrances are equipped with phones and neighborhood directories; guests visiting Rancho Solano may call residents from a gate entrance to gain access to the neighborhood.   Gates may be opened remotely from residents' homes.
In addition, the Rancho Solano Master Association employs the services of Safe Haven Security to both staff the Rancho Solano entrance kiosk and to provide vehicle patrols to the neighborhoods.   Safe Haven security officers also monitor the residential streets for parking violations as outlined in the Association CC&Rs.  Safe Haven works closely with the City of Fairfield Police in identifying and reporting crime.
Safe Haven Security (the kiosk) also issues parking permits to allow residents or their guests to park on the street.  Parking permits will only be issued by Safe Haven before 2:00 am to allow parking on the street between 2:00-5:00 am.  The security kiosk has a separate, dedicated phone line to request a parking permit (707) 759-4354.  If the line is not answered, homeowners are asked to leave a message and a security officer will be in touch as soon as possible.
Last, the kiosk entrance/exit, and the eight neighborhood gates are monitored by cameras which record all vehicles entering and leaving.   The Park at Rancho Solano is also under 24-hour video surveillance.
Homeowners are reminded to carefully monitor their personal safety and security of their own homes and property.  If a crime is in progress or has occurred, the homeowner should contact the City of Fairfield Police; for  a property or life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1, or for a non-emergency dial (707) 428-7300.